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Germany in May

In Europe, May is probably the most beautiful month of Spring. Sure, the weather is not reliable, but the warm and sunny days are gorgeous, allowing for outdoor activities and exploring the cities.

Weather & temperatures

May falls during spring, which is know for being pretty unreliable when it comes to the weather. But , the flowers are in bloom, the parks are green and the days are warmer and longer.

The best way to prepare for this weather is to pack layers. And don’t forget an umbrella or a waterproof coat.

Sample temperatures

Berlin avg high 18C; avg low 7C
Dusseldorf avg high 18C ; avg low 8C
Frankfurt avg high 18C ; avg low 8C
Hamburg avg high 16C; avg low 7C
Munich avg high 17C ; avg low 6C

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Flights and accommodation

May falls during spring when the prices for both airfare and accommodation start to go up in spring although they aren’t as high as during the summer. It’s still a good idea to make the reservations some months in advance.

Things to do

Kick off the start of the grilling season in Europe with Labor Day (May 1), a public holiday when everyone loves to spend time in nature. You can pack a picnic basket or just enjoy a day at the beer hall with friends.

Or, you can put on your walking shoes and explore Munich at your own pace. Do some people watching, visiting some churches and soak up the atmosphere.

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Head to Bonn on May 5 for Rhine in Flames, a festival during which the Rhine valley is illuminated by fireworks.

Or go to Hamburg for the annual celebration of the harbor (3 days festival in mid-May). The festival features dragon boat races and a parade of historic ships.

By the end of the month make sure to be Berlin for the Carnival of Cultures , a four day street fair with exotic food and drinks and of course, parties. The highlight is the parade on Sunday when you can see colorful costumes.

And while here you can take a walking tour of the city, walk by the Berlin Wall, visit a museum or spend time in the park.

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