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Germany in June

June is the first month of summer, the most popular time to visit Germany. The weather is warm , the festivals are in full swing and the tourists aren’t avoiding the country. It’s an exciting time to plan for outdoor activities, too.

Weather & temperatures

The days are long and sunny. But summer also means the rainfall is high, so pack an umbrella if you travel in June. The warmest weather is in Southern Germany.

Sample temperatures

Berlin avg high 21C; avg low 11C
Dusseldorf avg high 21C ; avg low 11C
Frankfurt avg high 21C ; avg low 11C
Hamburg avg high 19C; avg low 10C
Munich avg high 20C ; avg low 10C

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Flights and accommodation

June kicks off the most expensive time to visit Germany. The prices for both airfare and accommodation start to go up in June and won’t come down until September. To get the best rates, book the flight and accommodation some months in advance.

Things to do

In early June (until June 10, 2012), Halle an der Saale is home to the Handle Festival, which pays tribute to the German composer. You can listen to international musicians playing his work.

But while you are here, don’t miss visiting the Giebichenstein Castle, located on a hill above Saale river. There are also remains of two fortifications to see and many wonderful churches. The city is located just 177 km from the capital of Berlin.

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If you prefer to visit Berlin, make sure to be here for the longest day of the year (June 21) when the Fete de la Musique takes place in the city. The festival offers every type of music you might want to hear.

Or stay longer – until the end of the month – to attend the Berlin Gay Parade. The festivities take place in the district of Schoeneberg and in Tiergarten park.

If you are looking for “tamer” activities in Berlin , take a walking tour of the city, walk by the Berlin Wall, visit a museum or spend time in the park.

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If you have rock music in mind, then head to the race track in Nuerburg during the first weekend of June for Rock am Ring Music Festival. It is the country’s biggest open air festival. There’s also a castle – Nürburg Castle – dating from the High Middle Ages to visit while here. The city is located 174 km from Frankfurt and 127 km from Dusseldorf.

You can plan to explore the Black Forest during June. Rent a car to have flexibility and visit the old towns within the mountain range, such as: Calw, Haslach and Altensteig. You can see the superb waterfalls or plan to hike in the mountains. There’s a picturesque wine route from Baden-Baden to Weil am Rhein, which is worth the time, too.

If you prefer to visit a city, then Munich is another good choice. Visit a beer garden, check out the museums, do some people watching or see the city from above.

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