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Fall Vacation in Valencia

Fall is the best time to plan a vacation in a large city. The crowds are gone and the prices are lower than during the peak travel time. And the weather is just lovely.

Spain is an excellent destination for shoulder season traveling. Summers are scorching hot which makes fall the perfect time to pack your walking shoes, camera and start exploring the cities. Also, big cities tend to be expensive year-round but outside the peak travel season some of the prices do go down. Plus, you can always stay in a hostel and buy the food at the market instead of eating out in a restaurant.

Flights to Spain are not hard to find and there are quite a lot of budget carriers serving the cities. If you plan to visit Valencia, a round-trip flight from London in mid-September starts at £104 (on Ryanair).

With the flight figured out, it’s time to look for accommodation. Since shoulder season traveling is all about saving money, look for cheap hostels in Valencia . Beds in dorms start at €12 per night and if you prefer a private room, beds start at €20 per person per night. You can easily find hostels located close to the train or bus stations, which allows for great mobility while you are visiting the city.

And now let’s take a look at the highlights of Valencia . Don’t miss visiting the City of Arts and Science, The Barri del Carme neighborhood – located in the old city – , The Mercat Central, or the Lladró Porcelain Museum and Factory. Plan for some walks along the river and do try the local cuisine.

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