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Enjoy a Spring Vacation at Disneyland

mickeyminnieMost of those living in colder regions are already sick and tired of the long and cold winter we had to deal with. And I can probably speak for all of us who don’t like cold, that a vacation – no matter how long or short – to a warmer place is exactly what’s in order.

Disneyland is definitely a good choice for a spring vacation, whether you want to surprise the kids with something nice or enjoy some days away with your sweetheart.

When it comes to planning your vacation at Disneyland, the first question to keep in mind is whether you want to choose one of the Disneyland Packages or plan everything on your own. Packages are a nice choice if you are not much of an independent planner and prefer to just enjoy the vacation. Some (most) packages include daily passes to the theme parks so you’ll be saving some money as well. And you can also find romantic packages which combine the fun of the theme parks with pampering your loved one.

If you don’t mind planning everything and you want to explore the city as well – some shopping would be nice right about now – , then booking the flight and accommodation separately is the best choice.

Cheap flights to LA are really not hard to find and if you are keeping your eyes peeled on the airline’s special offers you’ll be able to save even more money on your flight (although you’ll be forced to arrange your vacation around the offer, of course).

Cheap hotels in Los Angeles aren’t hard to find either, especially if you know where to look for them. Do remember that it’s a good idea to rent a car. You’ll have the freedom to choose a cheaper hotel located further from the sights and you can go to the theme parks whenever you feel like it. Plus, taking day trips and long rides is interesting as well.

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