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England in June

Summer sets in and June is filled with events and festivals. From the Queen’s Birthday to the Midsummer’s Day bon fires…you won’t be staying still if you visit England now. It’s perfect weather to explore the outdoors but you’ll also have fun in the cities.


June is the first month of summer, which means the weather tends to be warmer but it’s just as unpredictable as during spring. So, bring an umbrella and a sweater…just in case. It’s lovely now to plan hikes in the outdoors.

Sample temperatures

Bath avg high 18C / avg low 9C
Birmingham avg high 18C / avg low 9C
Bristol avg high 18C /avg low 12C
Leeds avg high 18C / avg low 10C
Liverpool avg high 17C / avg low 10C
London avg high 18C / avg low 10C
Manchester avg high 17C / avg low 10C
York avg high 17C /avg low 8C

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Flights and Accommodation

The start of summer also means more tourists coming to England. So, book the flight in advance (stay within the 1 to 2 months range, if possible) and look for deals. If you don’t mind the carry on restrictions, low cost carriers can offer good deals, but you need to book the ticket pretty much on the spur of the moment.

Accommodation-wise, hotels tend to be quite prices in the summer, but of course, there are always some discounts available. Or just look for hostels but remember to book well in advance.

Things to do

Warm weather means you can explore the cities without having to find a warm place by 4 p.m. But you’ll probably want a place to get your dose of caffeine, anyway. Still, June is a good month to plan exploring the outdoors or just walk in the cities. Of course, expect crowds, especially in places such as London or Manchester.

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June 13 marks the Birthday of Queen Elisabeth II which means: Trooping the Colour (Carrying of the Flag), a military parade held for the event.

The longest day – Summer Solstice (June 21 – June 22) – is celebrated at Stonehenge where people gather to see the sunrise. But Midsummer’s Day is associated with myths and witchcraft, so large bonfires are burn all over the country.

Glastonbury Festival also takes place in June ; or you can attend the Edinburgh International Film Festival, unless you are found of Rock Ness.

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