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Eating in Honduras

While each country in Central America has its own take on food, there are a few staple items that you can find everywhere. If you have ever been anywhere in Central America, you knew right away what I was talking about, rice and beans. Rice and beans in Honduras? Go figure. Aside from this Central America staple items, there are a number of other popular dishes in the country.

Honduras doesn’t really have its own unique dish, but rather its own takes on the popular dishes of surrounding countries. The most popular would have to be Plato tipico, which is essentially the same thing as a light Casado found in places like Costa Rica. The Plato Tipico consists of rice, beef, fried beans, and fried bananas. Some places include other sides like “salad” or some variety of chimol.

The one original Honduran food you will find is called Baleadas. These are a thick flour tortilla filled with a variety of items. Simple Baleadas come with refried beans, cheese, and a type of cream similar to sour cream. A special Baleadas usually come with either eggs, avocado, or meat.

The basic Mexican foods such as tacos and enchiladas can be found here as well. But, dont expect them to like they are back home, or even like they are in Mexico for the matter. Tacos here are more like “taquitos” and enchiladas are more like a “Mexican pizza.”