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Early Summer Getaway in Europe

lisbon-sept-28In Europe, the nice weather has already settled in most cities…actually, it almost feels like summer, minus the crowds of tourists. Now it’s the perfect time to plan that Europe getaway: the prices aren’t too high, the crowds of tourists haven’t started to take over the cities and the weather is just perfect for sightseeing… and with a bit of luck you can also catch a lovely tan.

You can Fly cheaply in Europe especially if you know a thing or two about the low-cost carriers on the continent.

Choosing a city to start your European tour is quite hard, especially if you are not sure which part of Europe to start with. If you want to explore Western Europe, you can start in London and then fly south. Flights to Lisbon are easy to find and then you can spend couple of days in Portugal’s capital. Cheap Lisbon hotels are not that hard to find especially during the shoulder season. Then you can take a train to Madrid and then fly to Paris. Spend several days here before deciding whether you want to explore more cities or fly back home.

Price tag? The flight from London to Lisbon on easyJet starts at $90 per person and the flight from Madrid to Paris starts at $26 per person on Ryanair.

Of course this is just an idea for an itinerary. You can also plan to visit Southern Europe and from Madrid hop on a flight to Rome and visit several Italian cities before heading to Athens. Explore the Greek island on ferries (cheap and romantic) before heading back home.

In order to save money check the airlines’ special deals. Ryanair and easyJet are known for their many sales available and booking flights for £6 one way is just a matter of reading the offer at the appropriate time.