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Croatia in May

May is one of the best months to visit Croatia. The sunny and warm weather allows visitors to explore the coastal towns and islands but the mass of tourists haven’t arrived yet so there’s some laid back feel still present. But the café life is in full swing and the day trips organized by travel agencies start to be available.


The sunny and warm days replace the early spring weather and it’s already possible to swim in the southern islands, by the end of the month.

Some temperatures:

Dubrovnik avg high 21C/70F; avg low 13C/57F
Hvar avg high 21C/71F ; avg low 14C/58F
Split avg high 21C/70F ; avg low 13C/57F
Zagreb avg 16C/60C


Ferries to Croatia are available on all routes now and there are more connections than during early spring. For the domestic routes it’s not possible to book in advance, but if you travel internationally it might be a good idea to via a travel agency. If you want to travel between the Croatian islands the ferries are still spottier than you expect , so check if there’s a ferry available on the route you want to travel.

While for the domestic flights the airfare doesn’t change from season to season, when you fly from abroad, flights to Croatia start to increase in May but the prices also get more expensive. Still, it’s cheaper than flying in July or August. But do make sure to book your ticket in advance.

Accommodation is not hard to find but the prices start to rise because everyone is gearing up for the high travel season. Book your hostel bed ahead of time or consider camping.

Things to do

May 1 is Labor Day but worry not because those who work in the tourism sector are providing all the services. So, no disruptions in transport, either.

May is definitely the month of flowers in pretty much any European city. Croatia makes no exception and Split is home to the International Flower Fair , which takes place in the basement halls of Diocletian’s Palace. Or you can head to Zagreb by the end of the month for the Zagreb Flower Show which features 120 florists.

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St Duje (St Domnius) is the patron saint of Split and he is celebrated on May 7. So, expect to find competitions, processions and games in the city.

If you missed Cannes Festival, head to Dubrovnik International Film Festival, which begins right after the other has ended. Sure, it’s not as star-populated but it’s easier to get into.

The mild weather makes Dubrovnik a delight to visit. Take a walk on the beach, sip some coffee in a stylish café and do some people watching. You can also visit the Sponza Palace and the Cathedral

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Thanks to the nice weather, it’s a delight to plan some time in the nature in May. You can plan to visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park or Krka Waterfalls .

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