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Croatia in April

The warm weather brings more festivals and the outdoor activities are a delight. April is also a good month to visit Zagreb and Dubrovnik.


Spring has settled in, at last , and the flowers are in full bloom. You might actually be able to swim for an hour or so at noon along the coast.

Some temperatures:

Dubrovnik avg high 16C / 62F; avg low 10C/50F
Hvar avg high 17C/63F ; avg low 10C/51F
Split avg high 17C/63F ; avg low 8C/48F
Zagreb avg 11C/51C


Ferries to Croatia restart their schedule if they’ve been stopped over winter and those with fewer connections during the cold season add more trips. Prices are slightly lower than during summer. But if you plan to travel from mainland to the islands or between the islands, make sure to check the schedule in advance as the service is spottier than during summer.

While for the domestic flights the airfare doesn’t change from season to season, when you fly from abroad, expect to find cheaper flights to Croatia than during summer and an increased number of flights. Still, book the ticket at least a month in advance and avoid flying around Easter.

Accommodation is also easy to find and the prices are lower than during summer. But since April is a popular time to visit Croatia especially for those on a low budget, book your hostel bed ahead of time and try to avoid traveling around Easter (unless you plan to spend Easter in Croatia, of course).

Things to do

April is the best month to visit Zagreb. The flowers are in bloom and the city looks absolutely amazing. Don’t miss the Botanical Garden and the parks. Also, plan to visit the museums and the Cathedral or do some shopping at the market.

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The mild weather and lack of visitors make Dubrovnik a delight to visit. While you won’t be able to swim in the sea, you can definitely walk on the beach. You can also visit the Sponza Palace and the Cathedral

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April is also a good month to plan outdoor activities , so head to the Plitvice Lakes National Park or Krka Waterfalls . The splendid waterfalls are swollen with water and the rivers are also at their peak so those who want to try rafting and kayaking will be delighted.

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With the warm weather also come the festivals. Palm Sunday and Easter festivals take place in the country and there are also some special religious events. Jurjevo (St George’s Day on April 23) marks the beginning of spring. He is the patron saint of harvest and fertility.

In Zagreb, the St Mark’s Festival is a music festival which features local folk music as well as classic music. Most concerts take place in St Mark’s church.

In Split you can attend the Croatian Theatre Festival which highlights theatre groups from around the country. But if you don’t speak Croatian, you can head to the Guitar Festival in Split (last week of April).

In Porec, the end of April is dedicated to the wines produced in this area.

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