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Chiminos Island Lodge

chiminos350One of the most popular eco lodges in all of Guatemala, has to be the Chiminos Island Lodge. The Chiminos Island Lodge is located about six and a half hours from Guatemala City, but most people come here from the nearby city of Flores. From Flores, is only about a one hour drive to Chiminos Island Lodge. Once here, be prepared to experience the nature of Guatemala in a very unforgettable way.

Chiminos Island Lodge is a very private eco lodge accommodation. The Chiminos Island Lodge consists of five very comfortable bungalows that rest amongst the jungle wilderness. These luxuriously rustic bungalows can sleep up to five people with no problem. the rooms at Chiminos Island Lodge are equipped with their own water treatment system, private bathrooms, hot water, and much more.

Since these bungalows are secluded deep in the jungle, you will undoubtedly see and hear an abundance of wildlife right from your room. Aside from the wildlife viewing, the Chiminos Island Lodge offers breath taking views. make your way to one of the many hammocks found in the lobby to enjoy views of the lagoon, sunset, and surrounding area.

The Chiminos Island Lodge also has a new floating dock. The dock is a perfect place to spend the day swimming, sun bathing, fishing, or just relaxing around the lagoon after a long day of exploring the nearby ruins and other archaeological sites.

On the grounds of the Chiminos Island Lodge you will also find and amazing restaurant. Here you can find some of the best food in the jungle! The restaurant here serves an eclectic blend of traditional meals with modern day twists. Among the more traditional meals you will also find some worldly inspired dishes. The husband and wife team of cooks will help take care of any of your food needs as well as cook anything on the menu to your liking.

For such a private jungle bungalow, one would expect to pay hundreds of dollars a night, this is not so in Guatemala. Prices for the Chiminos Island Lodge start at around US$95 a person during the slow season. During the busy tourist season, prices can increase to US$110 a night per person. This is an incredible deal for such an amazing location and eco lodge.