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Cheap Hostels in Munich

Munich might be a sophisticated city with an historic side, but it’s also a major stop on any backpacker’s European tour – not to mention the site of one of the most famous two-week-long parties on the planet – so it stands to reason that alongside the boutique hotels there are plenty of hostels in Munich.

There are several hostel options in the city center, but as is the case with most cities the best locations are usually taken up by hotels. Still, the hostels in Munich’s city center offer easy access to most of the attractions as well as public transportation to make it easy to get around. Many are located right around the main train station, the Hauptbahnhof, so it’s even easier to take day trips.

If you think you’re not up for a hostel stay because you don’t want to share a bedroom, but you like the idea of a cheap place to stay, don’t shy away from hostels – many of them have private rooms these days, which can be a great middle ground.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Munich