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Cheap Hostels in Hamburg

Accommodation can certainly make or break your stay in Hamburg ; plus, it’s the second biggest expense after the flight. Some travelers need just a clean room and clean bathroom, while others want other perks. Thankfully, hostels range from basic to boutique hotel like places and anything in between.

And you don’t need to stay in the middle of nowhere either. Many hostels are located close to transportation hubs or close to the important sights. Plus, the prices won’t break the budget. There are plenty of areas to choose from in Hamburg, but St Georg and Altona are excellent choices to start your search.

If you don’t want to share the room with 10 other travelers, there are always private rooms to choose from. Guesthouses, inns and budget hotels are also listed on hostel booking websites and many of them only offer private rooms (sometimes with private bathrooms, too).

Many hostels offer a shared kitchen which is an excellent way to save money paid for food, while the common rooms are the best place to meet fellow travelers.

While you can find the words “youth hostel” in the name, it doesn’t mean you have to be a certain age to stay here. Of course , if you are underage, you are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Book the hostel bed / room in advance, particularly if you travel during the high season (July, August, December). But in general, booking in advance brings some discounts.

Price wise, expect the beds to be slightly more expensive than those in Berlin. A twin room starts at €60 per night in mid-June 2012 in a hostel located in the center of Hamburg, while a bed in a 6-beds dorm starts at €14.90 per night in the heart of St Georg.

Search this interactive map of Hamburg for hostels or use the widget above to book your stay.

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