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Cheap Hostels in Berlin

Gone are the days when hostels were basic places to stay, generally in sketchy locations and sometimes without running water. Nowadays, many hostels resemble small boutique hotels, complete with shared kitchen.

And you don’t need to stay too far for the historical sites, either, because in all cities, Berlin including, hostels can be found in excellent locations and the prices are decent. Of course, the further from the sights you stay, the cheaper the room/bed , but you’ll most like be close to at least a public transportation stop.

But location is the key and can make or break your vacation, especially if you stay for several days in Berlin. Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte (with Alexanderplatz at its center) are excellent choices for your stay.

If you don’t fancy the idea of sharing your room with 4 (6, 8, or 10) other travelers, you can stay in a private room. Many hostels offer such rooms now and they often used by couples or families who don’t want to pay too much for accommodation.

While some hostels might still “youth hostel” in their name, gone are the age restrictions. Although if you are not an adult (18 years old), you need to be accompanied by one.

Especially if you travel during the peak travel season (July, August, December) make sure to book the hostel stay in advance. And even if you travel during the low season, booking in advance generally brings some discounts along.

Guesthouses, inns , apartments and budget hotels are often listed on hostel booking sites, offering the same facilities and similar prices. Many hostels don’t charge for towel or linen but the breakfast is often not included (still, you can order breakfast and pay for it on the spot).

Price wise , you can find a bed in a hostel in Alexanderplatz for just €8 per night (in mid-June 2012) , but a private room can cost up to €70 per night (and depends on location). The more nights you book, the more chances to find discounts.

Search this interactive map of Berlin for hostels or use the widget above to book your stay.

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