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Castle Rock Backpackers

Castle Rock entranceLocated at the foot of Edinburgh Castle you are welcomed by exceptionally friendly staff along with stunning wall art, coat of arms and suits of armor. Castle Rock is one of the bigger hostels in Edinburgh with over 230 beds ranging from 4 to 16 bed dorms. The huge kitchen provides plenty of space and storage for you to cook to your heart’s content. There is a pool table in the large common room, a movie room with regular showings at 6pm and 9pm, not to mention the “Posh Lounge” for those who prefer a bit of quiet and an outside area that is great for BBQ’s. In the morning there is a decent continental breakfast for a mere £1.90 or you can head down to the Grassmarket and go to Biddy Mulligans for a 2 for 1 full Scottish fry-up, makes a great hangover breakfast and all you need is to show your little orange ticket from the hostel. On Thursday nights be sure to join the hostel for the local Pub Crawl, a great experience, visiting 4 pubs, or was that 3, might have been 5, it’s all a little hazy.

There aren’t many negatives for this hostel except perhaps the bathrooms being located at one end of the hallways, a bit of a trek if you are on the opposite side, they are also shared so don’t be surprised. In the rooms there is a wall clock that tends to “tick-tock” very loudly at night and for those who might be a little accident prone, beware the top bunks have no safety bar.


15 Johnston Terrace
Edinburgh, EH1 2PW, Scotland
Telephone: +44 (0)131 225 966





Common room