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Argentina in July

Argentina is a large country with a huge number of climates. Winter time – and July falls during winter – is best for visiting the North and Northwest, but you can also plan to spend some time in Patagonia. You can visit the capital any time of the year. Plus, July is high season and the locals tend to travel quite a lot now.

Weather in July

In the North and Northwest, the rains and heat have subsided, so the weather allows for sightseeing. Head south but prepare for (very) cold days and nights. Some areas might even be closed because you are so close to the arctic, the cold can be very bitter. If you have Buenos Aires in mind, expect colder temperatures but don’t worry about the snow.

Sample temperatures

Buenos Aires avg high 14C / avg low 5C
Cordoba avg high 16C / avg low 5C
Iguazu avg high 21C /avg low 12C
Mendoza avg high 14C / avg low 2C
Ushuaia avg high 3C / avg low -3C

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Flights and accommodation in July

July is a popular month to travel for those heading to the Iguazu Falls or Patagonia (for winter sports), so expect to find quite a bit of demand for the flights to Argentina during this time of the year.

It’s always best to book the flight to Argentina at least 4-8 weeks in advance. Make sure to keep your eyes on the special offers available.

As for accommodation , make sure to look for a hotel room or a hostel bed in advance. If you plan to save some money , then a private room in a hostel will cost less than a room in a budget hotel.

And don’t forget that July is high season because of the winter holiday, so the locals travel quite a lot, making the prices higher than the rest of the year.

What to do

Iguazu Falls is definitely one the most popular places to visit during winter in Argentina. There are plenty of things to do once you get to the park, such as: rock climbing, taking a train or a boat ride and , of course, hike.

If you are into visiting cities, then Buenos Aires can be on your list now. It can be cold – sometimes dipping below freezing – but you don’t need to worry about the snow. Some of the things to do in Buenos Aires : walking through the colorful neighborhoods, see the Obelisk, watch people dance tango on the streets and even walk through the famous Recoleta Cemetery. And let’s not forget the food , generally catering for meat lovers, but vegetarians can find some good dishes.

But for those wanting adventure, Patagonia is the place to visit. Yes, it’s winter and that means cold…sometimes very cold. However, between hiking on glaciers and exploring beautiful cities, you can also add some winter sports to the mix, such as: sleigh rides, skiing, trekking in the snow or snowshoeing.

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