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Argentina in December

December falls during the summer but the high season hasn’t kicked in yet. However , do expect more crowds and higher prices, especially around Christmas. You can plan to visit the beaches now, but they tend to be quite packed. Buenos Aires can be quite hot , but at least it’s not overrun by tourists. Patagonia is excellent for spending time in the nature.

Weather in December

With the variety of climates in Argentina, the summer takes various forms here. It’s definitely hot in Buenos Aires and the weather is excellent for sunbathing. If you want to cool down a bit, head to Patagonia. It’s hot and humid in the North , so Iguazu can be quite steamy now.

Sample temperatures

Buenos Aires avg high 27C / avg low 18C
Cordoba avg high 28C / avg low 17C
Iguazu avg high 30C /avg low 20C
Mendoza avg high 18C / avg low 9C
Ushuaia avg high 13C / avg low 3C

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Flights and accommodation in December

December does fall during summer but the high season hasn’t started yet. Still , expect crowds and expect prices to be higher. Book your flight to Argentina at least 4-8 weeks in advance , especially if you plan to hit one of the beach reasons.

As for accommodation , of course, plan in advance if you want to go to the beach or travel before Christmas. Even if you just plan to visit large cities, it’s still best to plan in advance.

What to do

If you plan to see Iguazu Falls then you should know it’s steamy right now but no one stops you from going. However do prepare for the heat and humidity. You can try different activities, but you might want to stick to train or boat ride, rather than hiking.

The capital of Buenos Aires is also quite hot in December, but, on the plus side, it’s not extremely crowded, as everyone starts to head to the beaches. Some of the things to do in Buenos Aires : walking through the neighborhoods, taking photos of the Obelisk, watching people dance tango on the streets and walking through the famous Recoleta Cemetery. Make sure to plan for the heat and avoid staying in the sun during the hottest part of the day. You can always try the food or do some shopping meantime.

For a cooler alternative, head to Mendoza . You can visit the parks, try the local wine or try your skills at horseback riding, paragliding or climbing.

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For an even cooler area, Patagonia is waiting for those into adventure. It’s summer but the temperatures aren’t very high so make sure to pack accordingly. You can try hiking, climbing glaciers and even taking a cruise to the arctic region. Ushuaia is a good base for your explorations in the area.

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