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Argentina in August

Argentina is a large country and therefore it also has quite a lot of climates. August – which still falls during winter – is best for visiting the North and Northwest, so if you have Iguazu Falls on your mind, now it’s the time to go. For snow lovers, Patagonia is the place to be, while Buenos Aires can be visited any time of the year.

Weather in August

Just like in July, in the North and Northwest, the rains and heat have subsided, and the weather starts to feel more and more like spring. Not so much in the South , where it’s still winter with cold days and nights. If you have the capital in mind, expect the temperatures to start going up a bit , warming as the spring approaches.

Sample temperatures

Buenos Aires avg high 16C / avg low 5C
Cordoba avg high 19C / avg low 6C
Iguazu avg high 22C /avg low 12C
Mendoza avg high 17C / avg low 4C
Ushuaia avg high 5C / avg low -2C

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Flights and accommodation in August

The crowds have pretty much moved away from Iguazu Falls by now, so you can plan the vacation a bit easier. Still, it’s a good idea to book the flight to Argentina at least 4-8 weeks in advance , especially if you have Patagonia in mind. Make sure to keep your eyes on the special deals, too.

As for accommodation , the same rule about booking in advance should be used. You can usually find cheaper rooms if you do the homework in advance.

What to do

Iguazu Falls can be on your list for August because the crowds are gone by now and you can enjoy the falls and the park at a more relaxed pace. You can even plan to spend several days in the area. You can try rock climbing, or maybe you prefer to take a train or a boat ride and or hike.

If you are into visiting cities, then the capital of Buenos Aires shouldn’t be forgotten. It is starting to warm up so you can easily plan to try some of the things to do in Buenos Aires such as: walking through the colorful neighborhoods, taking photos of the Obelisk, watching people dance tango on the streets or even learn yourself and walk through the famous Recoleta Cemetery. Llet’s not forget the food , either.

Or you can visit Mendoza and plan to explore its parks, squares and try the local wine.

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Patagonia , however, is the place to visit for those seeking the snow and the adventure. August still falls during winter so, between hiking on glaciers and exploring beautiful cities, you can also try sleigh rides, skiing, trekking in the snow or snowshoeing.

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