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Argentina at the World Cup 2010: Will You be There?

The Football World Cup brings back great memories and makes fans all over the world plan to watch the matches live. The World Cup 2010 is approaching fast and it’s time to plan your vacation in South Africa.

But before you do that, don’t forget to relive the World Cup moments which made fans all over the world fall in love with football even more.

Next step? Get your own World Cup jersey. And by the way: if your lady friend is a major football fan, you can buy her a lovely women’s jersey as well.

Now it’s time to start planning your vacation. Argentina’s matches take place in Johannesburg (June 12 and 17) and Polokwane (June 22). Getting to Johannesburg by plane from Buenos Aires is not very hard but it surely is pricey. A round trip flight starts at $2833USD per person so it’s time to keep the eyes on the deals available out there. Lufthansa, Air France and South African Airways are just some of the airlines flying between the two cities. As for the domestic flight (Johannesburg to Polokwane) plan to spend at least $400USD round trip.

Make sure to book your hotel in advance as well. Typically, for such events the hotels book up very quickly and the cheaper the place, the faster it will fill up. On some websites it’s impossible to find any room left already. And when you do manage to find hotels in Johannesburg, room rates start at $92USD per night (3-star). Hostels are cheaper but many of them are already fully booked. If you do find openings, expect to pay at least $66USD for a bed in a private room. So, be prepared to pay slightly more or have a back plan, such as packing your sleeping bag and choose to camp instead of staying in a hotel. Plus you can always go on day trips between the matches.

In case you aren’t able to travel to the World Cup in South Africa to watch the matches live, you should keep an eye on the Argentina World Cup news.