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Add Croatia to your RTW trip

When planning your RTW trip, you need to have a budget. And that budget depends on what countries and cities you want to visit. In general, it is possible to visit more expensive destinations, if you combine them with cheaper places.

Some of the European stops on an RTW trip should include: Croatia , Albania, Romania, the Czech Republic and Portugal. Of course, no one stops you from visiting Italy, but you have to take into account that it costs more to spend time there than in a less-expensive destination. And since traveling within European countries is affordable and easy, getting from Italy to Croatia won’t break your budget especially if you take a ferry, a train or a bus.

For the past 10 years, Croatia has emerged as an affordable, yet stunning, destination in Europe. Looking for a beach destination but you don’t want to visit Greece and Italy is a bit too expensive? Then Croatia is the choice. Plus, cheap hostels in Croatia are easy to find and if you plan your budget well you can get by on US$40 a day here.

And while you are here, you can visit some other cheap countries in Europe as well. From Croatia, you can travel to Albania and explore its natural beauty. Then, spend several days on the beach in Bulgaria before heading to visit the medieval fortresses in Romania. Now, venture into Central-Eastern Europe and be amazed by the beautiful Danube in Bulgaria before setting off to the Prague Republic, with its stunning capital.

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