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Add the Azores to Your Portugal Trip

The Azores are among the most undisturbed and isolated islands in Europe. Located nearly 1000 miles from the mainland of Portugal the islands are serviced with regular flights to Lisbon (and New York) and ferry services from Europe, yet they remain largely untouristed and uncommon island getaways.

With a subtropical climate, rolling vineyards, orchards and a stunningly beautiful and rugged coast, the nine major islands that make up the Azores are largely supported by farming and fishing. Because they remained so isolated for some long, the culture, dialect, cuisine and traditions of each island actually varies quite a bit, but the main language is Portuguese throughout.

The main activities in the Azores involve the beautiful nature of the islands and include biking, whale-watching, hiking, and sailing. You won’t find too many museums and monuments too keep you busy, nor will you find the throngs of tourists found on other European islands.

The Azores may be more expensive to get to thanks to their remote location, but once there, you’ll find them quite affordable. Cheap hotels are easy to come by, with average accommodations going for around $100 per night. Of course, you can also find more inexpensive lodging at family run pensions and bed and breakfasts throughout the islands. And finding inexpensive, fresh fish is never a problem.  With the low prices and lack of crowds, it’s only a matter of time before the secret is out about the beautiful islands of the Azores.

Photo by fortinbras