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A Vacation in Lisbon : Low Cost and A Lot of Fun!

Visiting both Spain and Portugal during a summer vacation is very popular activity among tourists; it is very easy to get from one place to another and you can experience a mixture of what the area has to offer and be amazed by the differences between the two countries.

You can start the vacation in Madrid. Accommodation starts at just €11 a night in Spain’s capital if you choose a bed in a hostel. There are quite a lot of things to do in Madrid and you’ll surely be busy for several days.

Once you’ve decided to travel to Portugal, you can choose one of the ways to get from Madrid to Lisbon . The fastest way to travel between the two capitals is by plane and luckily, flights to Lisbon are not very expensive. As a matter of fact, even during the peak season you can book a one way flight for just €31 (on easyJet).

Don’t worry about accommodation either because cheap Lisbon hotels are not hard to find. And if you want even cheaper accommodation, hostel beds start at €15 per night.

Lisbon is an exciting place to visit; the nightlife is amazing and the architecture is stunning. And let’s not forget the cuisine, which appeals to all taste buds.

And if you want to stick around for a longer time in Portugal, rent a car and drive to the Algarve region. You can soak up the sun on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and , of course, enjoy the stunning scenery and buildings.